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Yacca Library NWHHS: Staying current

Yacca Library is the Medical Library for the North West Hospital and Health Service (NWHHS).

Access clinically-oriented podcasts and audio recordings, delivering a broad mix of lectures and interviews and conversations and commentary, which can be listened to online or downloaded.

Keep abreast of new literature by engaging in a journal club e.g., Queensland Digital Health Journal Club. Learn to critique and appraise research and become familiar with the best current clinical evidence to utilise in practice.

Check out the fantastic guides below for setting up successful Journal clubs

Latest NWHHS affliated publications

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Click on 'Website' for full list of all NWHHS affiliated publications

Setting up alerts

Alerts on new articles sent to your email enable you to stay up to date without having to go searching for new information.

See below for ways to set this up.

1. Table of contents alerts

JournalTOCs send you the newest citations coming directly from the publishers as soon as they have been published online. JournalTOCs endeavours to include every important journal as well as promising new titles.

Register for alerts by searching for the journals you want to stay up-to-date with at

2. Search alerts

A database alerting service saves a search for later reuse. Mostly, the alert automatically searches the database for the latest records matching your saved searches. The database then sends you updated results for that search by e-mail or RSS feed. 

Different databases follow different procedures for setting up search alerts, but the general principles are similar. Alerts are usually set up from a database Search History or equivalent after you have signed in using your profile/account details.

  1. Conduct a search using relevant search term/s and limits  

  2. Save the search as an alert. You will be prompted to sign-in or register

  3. Name the alert and select alert option (e.g. email alert)

  4. Choose alert notification frequency (e.g. receive weekly or monthly alerts)

Most database providers have helpful step-by-step instructions for saving searches and setting up search alerts

Contact the Yacca Library to set up alerts for you

NSQHS Standards - Live Literature Searches

Click on the title below to access searches


These searches are free to use at any time. They are tested and run live in PubMed, providing up-to-date results on 11 key health areas, aligned with Australia’s National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards.